About Us

YH WORLD’s biggest value is to have interest.

About Us

YH WORLD’s biggest value
is to have interest.

  • Cultural Contents Creators

    YH WORLD communicate with our users based on all the contents created by YH WORLD’s cultural contents creators that serve as not only our observation on our interests, but also our own interpretation of the innovation of and interest in new industries and markets.

  • Technological Prowess

    YH WORLD’s technological prowess is our best asset that actualizes original imagination and pleasure. Even today, all our passionate members are making their endeavors to create the best results.

Cooperation & Challenge

YH WORLD’s best weapons are cooperation and challenge. In a rapidly changing global market, we continue to not only construct our unequaled position based on our technological prowess for creating VR contents, but also challenge through cooperating with our partners.

Based on our inimitable technological prowess and challenges aimed at becoming the first, YH WORLD provide the best interest and pleasure.

CEO’s Greetings

YH World is concentrate on improving cultural industry for our customer happiness.”

  • How are you? My name is Kim, Young Ho and I’m the CEO of YH WORLD.

    YH WORLD have been pioneering a new path through focusing on the VR industry that has been making the most rapid progress among diverse cultural contents industries.Along with the veterans whose abilities have been verified by some of the best home and foreign companies, YH WORLD with its unequaled technological prowess and thoughts have been providing diverse services and conducting challenges aimed to becoming the “first”.

    YH WORLD has been operating , the world’s first multi-platform open market service allowing mobile games to be enjoyed on personal computers as well.Based on our verified technological prowess, YH WORLD has been the following projects as well: serving as Korea first double feature, converting your imagination into reality, and serving as a new entertainment culture of the 4th industrial age.

    Through being aware that enjoyable games, pleasant people and entertaining lives come before technology, YH WORLD promise to do our best to promote a cultural industry that can provide all our customers with pleasure and happiness.Please continue to monitor our bright tomorrow and encourage us.Thank you.

Company History

  • 2018

    • 2018.02
    • Held Special VR Film Screening at LOTTE CINEMA
    • 2018.05
    • Changed Company Name to YH WORLD CO., LTD.
  • 2017

    • 2017.11
    • Took over DAMON GAMES CO., LTD.
  • 2016

    • 2016.02
    • Held Seminar on World’s First Mobile Game Operating on PC
    • 2016.02
    • Signed PC Agreement with 90% of PC Cafes in Korea – PC Café Service in Preparati
  • 2015

    • 2015.01
    • Established PGMAN GAMES CO., LTD.
    • 2015.05
    • MaxPoker - Launched Mobile App
    • 2015.06
    • Signed Game Store Agreement with 20 Central and South American Countries
    • 2015.07
    • MaxHoldem - Passed Deliberation of Game Rating and Administration Committee
    • 2015.08
    • MaxPoker - Signed Standing Point Agreement for Entry to Central and South America
    • 2015.08
    • MaxPoker – Launched Mobile App
    • 2015.09
    • Certified as Venture Company by KIBO
    • 2015.09
    • Opened Game Store in Central and South America

Company Status

Company YH WORLD CO., LTD.
Representative Kim, Young Ho
Capital 800 Million Won
Business System Software Development & Supply
Intellectual Property Right Multi Device-based App Market Place System
Patent No 10-2016-0002205, 7th January 2016
Type of Business Service/Software Development & Supply / Electronic Commerce
Business Registration No. 113-86-94263(Guro Tax Office)


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#1408, Daeryung Post Tower 5 Cha, 68, Digitalro9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

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